Ing. Jana Křivanová, Chief Production Planner, UNIPETROL RPA, s.r.o., Czech Republic:

LP INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOP / TRAINING: "The level of workshops was increasing gradually, so we were able to absorb all new information step by step. The individual topics were interconnected and well separated into one whole at the same time. It is very important for me when the provided materials make sense even retrospectively without the presence of the lecturer and I think these were done very well! Also, another positive was that each topic ended with an example so we had the opportunity to check out our newly acquired knowledge. Mario was patient, communicative, and perceptive and also, he was able to empathize with us. I always enjoy a workshop with a teacher who is able to motivate me, appreciate me and also have a great sense of humour."

Martin Tkáč, LP Specialist, UNIPETROL RPA, s.r.o., Czech Republic:

LP INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOP / TRAINING: "It was the best workshop which I had in the last few years. The efficiency of the workshop was on very high level. When some topic wasn’t clear for me, I found it in the materials, or Mario explained as long as I understood. Mario has no problem going back and explaining what has already been explained. It is a big advantage that we have all presented materials. The workshop was extremely helpful for me. It started with basics, which helped me to understand, how LP model works. The difficulty grew every day, but at a reasonable rate. The lecturer Mario is incredibly patient. He is ready to create a new spreadsheet with matrix just to answer to a basic question."

Alberto Carballo Collado, Engineer Analyst, CEPSA, S.A.U., Spain:

LP INTERMEDIATE WORKSHOP / TRAINING: "Really interesting, this course gave me the opportunity to review my model basis knowledge and make focus on difficult concepts. Teacher has a deep knowledge of PIMS tool and refining.  Highly Recommendable for every new user and medium users for PIMS tool."

GaoZhan Zhang, Manager, Materials Management and Planning Optimization, BASF-YPC Company Limited, China:

ONLINE REMOTE COACHING OF NEW HIREES: "The coaching content is well fitting to the requirement, and the teacher can always know students’ questions/ puzzles despite of penitential language obstacles, furthermore, the knowledge had been well delivered with excellent teaching skills, appropriate interaction with trainees and great patience, overcoming difficulties caused by different time zone. I appreciated it very much."