LP modelling theory and software have a complex background and generally limited insight is provided about these topics in the formal academic education. Fresh graduates joining refinery planning and modelling teams cannot be expected to be able to immediately grasp all the concepts, confidently use the software and do the planning and modelling jobs. Additional training is essential.

Training and mentoring can sometimes come from more senior colleagues, but teams might also lack the more experienced colleagues, or those colleagues might lack the right knowledge sharing / teaching skills or they might simply be overwhelmed with their daily tasks and lack the time to train newcomers. So, it can be a good idea to turn to an external training instead.

Furthermore, an external training can be more structured and specific than an internal knowledge sharing, and it is performed by skilled trainers with vast experience in training and with full focus on knowledge transfer.

As a result of the complexity of LP modelling and refinery planning, it takes many years to master the software and become confident in the planning processes and LP analyses. External training can help people at various stages of their development in terms of LP modelling to step forward, introducing them to next levels, providing them with additional knowledge, insights, perspectives, tools etc.

Even those with several years of experience might have accumulated many questions and real-life issues so that they can benefit from an intermediate or advanced structured update, finding new solutions and ways to their problems.

We offer an experienced trainer with wealth of knowledge and practical and teaching experience, providing an injection of knowledge, not limited only to the scope of the training. We pride ourselves on our effective teaching methods and our student-focused approach, aiming to maximise the learning for all training participants.

Our trainings:

  • Introduction to Refinery Planning

  • Intermediate Refinery Planning

  • Advanced Refinery Planning

  • Introduction to Refinery Operations

  • Introduction to Refinery Operations and Planning for Finance professionals

  • Multiple-Plant Optimisation

  • Multiple-Period Optimisation

Trainings are offered both online and on site, with low number of participants, maximised at 8 persons.


We also offer mentoring for new planners, in an online form, as a follow-up to our own training, which can last for several weeks or months, and includes progress tracking, homework, and regular discussion sessions.