Zanin is an advisory company specialising in serving the Refining and Petrochemical industry, in the fields of Planning and Optimisation and Long-term Strategy. Zanin offers consulting, training and services (projects).

The word ‘Zanin’ means ‘to know’ in Kurdish. Knowledge is power and a great asset. It can change the way we see the world around us, the way we achieve our goals and it can determine how far we are able to go. Zanin is a perfect name for a consultancy whose main aim is to share knowledge through any cooperation.

Zanin was founded in 2020 in the UK. Founder, Mario Šokčević, has an extensive experience in Refinery Planning and working with refinery planners in the Downstream sector of the Oil&Gas industry, both working in the business and as a consultant.

His experience made him recognise that although there are several players offering services to support this business, there is a need for a different, highly specialised, trusted consultancy, offering deep knowledge, focusing on knowledge sharing and on creating real value to the customers – this is what Zanin aims to be.

Zanin intends to fill the gap in the refinery planning consultancy by providing deep and combined knowledge in several connected fields (refining technology, advanced linear programming, downstream business and decision making), corresponding to the needs of the Downstream planning; and by offering to devise smart and tailored solutions which can stand the test of time and which can easily, but effectively be deployed or extended by in-house staff, keeping complexity at the level dictated by business rationale and putting customer needs at the first place.

Zanin’s mission is to pass on knowledge and empower, while sharing experience and offering insight, and ultimately achieving lasting impact for its clients.